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The teacher merges with the student, goes with him in a single stream

He met all my expectations and I got everything I needed, all the questions at that moment in time. The right people, information, energy. Teachers very subtly feel what a person needs, they convey their energy - clean, open, one might say cosmic - this is felt in every movement, you feel how energy flows from this movement. Very deep knowledge of your business. When a teacher does - performs exercises, one can see the connection and the teacher with the student, with the cosmos, as if with all the energies around, transferring to the student, pouring something cosmic into him, transferring the physical feeling of the student.

Energy transfer of knowledge, technology. The teacher merges with the student, goes with him in a single stream, that is, he transmits this cosmic stream through himself. Aligns the energy structures of a person, brings him into harmony with himself and with the cosmic energies surrounding him. Even if a person does not know about these energies, he feels that changes have taken place with him. Ease. Spasms and clamps go away. Energy levels out, and to maintain this state, I know that a person needs to take care of himself. But I know that if I turn to a teacher, he will always help and explain what's what and how.

Ikonnikova Yulia Pavlovna

Basic Thai Yoga massage in Volgograd January 21-22, 2012

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