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How does Thai massage course go?

How does Thai massage training go?

Everyone will get his own

If you are at the beginning of the journey, then training will give you the necessary level, allowing you to massage close. You will be prepared for further independent practice.
Experienced practitioners will greatly expand their skills, both in terms of technology and internal work.

No lectures

The courses give mostly practice and take about 90% of the time. You will disassemble and work out all the information right in the class. This will allow you to integrate knowledge directly into the process, rather than taking with you piles of abstracts to which you may not return.

Any course aims to allow you to immediately apply and use new skills. After the course, you are immediately fully capable of doing the kind of massage that you have studied.

Thai massage training in our school is carried out in stages. 


Basic course. Level 1

First, go through self-healing techniques, build breathing and body position. Then the facilitator shows the technique of massage and the subtleties of body position and pressure. Participants repeat exercises on top of each other. 


"When we take a massage, we feel the impact of the exercise, this is half the training."

At the end you pass the exam and get a certificate, teaching aids and video material. 

This course allows you to conduct a full massage for 1.5 hours or more.

Advanced course. Level 2

At the second level of training, the student who has mastered the first level, 

At this level, a deeper understanding is given about the principles of work, as well as teaching massage techniques at any possible position of the body (on the side, sitting, on the stomach). We study techniques for maximum ergonomics of movements.


We are studying about eighty new massage techniques with deep stretch marks. 

Students are also provided with a second level study guide. At the end of training, students can
hold masses lasting up to three hours or more.

Therapeutic course. Level 3

The third level - improvement - is an intensive training in Thai massage for three days with a complete immersion in the learning process. First, we learn the techniques of yoga therapy and the principles of self-healing.  

Listeners go through about 110 receptions, gain knowledge and apply techniques for working with meridians.

At the end of training, students can massage depending on the functional problems and characteristics of the patient. 

Particular attention is paid to the treatment of lumbar pain, knee joints, chest and cervical spine, deep massage of the abdomen. Students are provided with a training manual. At the end of any type of training, a certificate is issued

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