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Positive changes are not only in the one who receives a massage

I took a course of traditional Thai massage with an amazing, deep, unusual and very interesting Teacher Yuri Ulyanov. His comprehensive three-pronged approach to any disease has helped me and my loved ones on numerous occasions. For which I am infinitely grateful to Yuri. I use Thai massage to relax, relieve stress, tension, not as often as I would like. However, I notice that when I do it, I myself become more even, calm. There are positive changes not only in the one who is being massaged, but also in the one who is doing it. I wonder what my friend did Thai massage (she works as a masseuse - classical massage - for more than 15 years) - she was very surprised, unusual pleasant sensations, deep relaxation, relaxation. As a result, he plans to take a course with Yuri)).

Marina Ovchinnikova

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