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Thai massage and sex

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Thai massage and sex
Thai massage and sex

There are various legends about Thai massage, and sometimes not the most decent ones. This can happen because under the guise of Thai massage they often veil and offer services for adults. Therefore, often hearing about time-massage, people have negative associations. And the thing is banal ignorance.

However, all these are stereotypes and myths, in fact, yoga massage is a pleasant relaxing procedure that has nothing to do with eroticism. I repeat, traditional Thai technology has nothing to do with sexual services.

During the procedure, both: the client and the master, are dressed in clothes made of light breathing fabrics, and barefoot. The technique affects 10 main energy channels. By acting on them, the master also works out all the muscles. ⠀⠀ The master does not use special oils and creams for yoga massage, but can use herbal infusions to improve the result.

If in the cabin you are still offered to use additional funds - do not be alarmed, these are not scammers.

Although traditional Thai massage is performed without them, its softer versions may deviate from the rules. Keep in mind that the healing effect from this will be less, but you still get general relaxation, ease in the body after the session.

I recently read to a colleague that people ask, “do you unscrew your joints on a Thai massage and bend your bones?”, Or “Is this where rubbing your bones against you?” They laughed.

Thai massage and sex.

What myths about Thai massage have you heard?

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