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He keeps  to the northern style of Chang Mai School, which has maintained continuity for 2500 years. As part of our TMS, he conducts both live seminars and online courses.

For 12 years teaches more than 4 000 students in Russia, India, Thailand and Europe.

  • Head of Thai Massage School;

  • Head of the School of Health (;

  • Certified massage therapist at Loi Kroh School (Chiang Mai, Thailand);

  • The direct student of the legendary teacher Riots Pishet (Chiang Mai, Thailand);

  • Visceral chiropractor of the school of Ogulov A. T .;

  • The first Russian student of the clinic of the natural approach and yoga therapy of Dr. Jaga (Mysore, India);

  • He studied at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantari Ashram (Trivandrum, India);

  • Hatha Yoga Wellness Instructor.

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