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Basic Online Thai Massage Course

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14 Days

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Basic Online Thai Massage Course


Yury Ulyanov

Since 2008, he has been teaching Thai massage in Russia, India, Thailand and Europe.

Direct transmission of Thai technology from the legendary Pishet Riots (Chang Mai, Thailand).

Certified northern-style master at Chang Mei School, Loi Khro, Chang Mai, Thailand.

Certified Yoga Instructor Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanvantari Ashram (Trivandrum, India).

Visceral chiropractor of the school of A. T. Ogulov (Moscow, Russia).

A student of the clinic of the natural approach and yoga therapy of Dr. Jaga (Mysor, India).

He studied massage with Swami Dasha, Vit Mano, Leonid Garzenstein, Robert Ilinskas and Pavel Yanyshevsky.

He studied meditation with Lama Ole Nydahl, Karmapa 17 Trinle Thae Dorje.

About the course

Learn 130 techniques of Thai massage of the northern style of Chang Mei School.

You will learn how to relax yourself and breathe correctly during a session.

Learn self-healing techniques.

Learn how to massage effortlessly.

Master the methods of protection against the negative.

Learn the Ayurvedic approach to massage.

You can perform a 2-hour Thai massage.

Get a certificate from the school of Yury Ulyanov, teaching aids and video materials.​
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