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Базовый курс обучения традиционнного тайского йога массажа Юрия Ульянова для начинающих массажистов


20-22 March 

Almaty, Kazahstan

Certification training in Paris 

Training program


1st day:
  • Self-massage of the whole body.

  • The basics of the Thai system.

  • How to massage not with muscles.

  • Thai foot and foot massage.

  • Contraindications

2nd day:
  • Projection areas of the legs.

  • Anatomy of the abdominal region.

  • A relaxing massage of the abdomen.

  • The principles of yoga in Thai massage.

  • Breath setting.

  • The basics of yogic nutrition.

  • Self-healing massage therapist.

  • Thai massage of the hands and arms.

  • Thai face and head massage.

  • Thai massage without hands (Free hand Massage).

3rd day:
  • Thai back foot massage.

  • Thai back massage.

  • Negative protection methods.

  • Twisting and stretching.

  • Thai massage sitting.

  • Thai collar massage.

  • Self-fulfillment of a 2-hour massage.

  • Obtaining certificates, manuals, videos and other materials.

Apply in advance! The number of participants is limited.​


As a result of the workshop:

  • Learn the techniques of Thai massage of the northern style of Chang Mei School.

  • You will learn how to relax yourself and breathe correctly during a session.

  • Learn self-healing techniques.

  • Learn how to massage effortlessly.

  • Master the methods of protection against the negative.

  • Learn the principles of yoga that Thai massage is based on.

  • Learn the Ayurvedic approach to massage, which allows you to choose the right massage rhythm for each patient, depending on his constitution.

  • You can independently perform a 2-hour Thai massage.

  • Get a certificate from the school of Yuri Ulyanov, teaching aids and video materials.​



Since 2008, my seminars have been held in Russia, Thailand, India and Europe.

I adhere to the northern style of Chang Mai School, which has maintained continuity for 2500 years. As part of our school, I conduct both live seminars and online courses.  


To whom the course is suitable:

  • Classical massage therapists and body therapists to expand manual techniques.

  • Teachers of yoga and other bodily practices to better understand their body and provide quality assistance to students.

  • Married couples to develop sensitivity, understanding and strengthen family ties.

  • Beginners and everyone who develops and wants to know themselves and the world through massage.

Igonina Elena

Great training. Awesome teachers. I learned a lot of useful and informative. I will wait for training in nature.

Borovkova Angelika

It was held in a very warm and friendly atmosphere. I learned a lot of new things. I am very grateful for your arrival.

Osipov Vladimir

I am very glad that I was lucky to spend two days in a delightful atmosphere, skillfully created by trainers, skillfully using simple but pleasant attributes that have fallen out of ordinary life! Cool company. Unique partner. Wonderful organizer. Thank you.


We inform you about place 20 days in advance.

Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Registration on course

Thank you for registration.

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