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The best books on Thai massage!

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

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1. Jarni Lambert - Thai massage / 2005, 345 p.

2. Kam Ti Chow - Thai massage / 2005, 99 p.

3. Maria Merkati - Thai massage: Step by step on the path to healing / 2002, 175 p.

4. Ray Saul David - Thai massage / "Yoga №15", 2007, 16 p.

5. Enrico Korsi - Real Thai therapeutic massage / 2016, 160 p.

I am currently writing a book on Thai massage. And I realized that you need to completely build on the requests of people, write in such a way that it is as clear and useful as possible.

Therefore, I need your help right now! What exactly would you like to see in a book on Thai massage?

Please answer the questions even if you have never been involved in massage.

Choose which of the options you would like to see.

A) Photos:

1. Largest illustrations with minimal text.

2. Average photos with a detailed descriptions.

B) Anatomy:

1. Detailed description of the anatomy.

2. A brief description in clear language.

C) Massage techniques:

1. Safe Practices.

2. The widest possible range of techniques.

D) The structure of the book:

1. Only time massage.

2. Comprehensive coverage of massage (massage therapist exercises, self-massage, mood, meditation, cabinet).

In the comments, write the numbers for each block, separated by commas. You can also write your personal wishes!

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