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Thai massage changes life

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

People who have nothing to do with massage often come to my training. Accountants, managers, engineers and housewives.

They all have approximately the same request: to learn massage in order to help themselves, their families and friends get rid of pain and tension in muscles and joints.

And most of them change their lives after training. 20-30% of students begin to seriously practice Thai massage and change their profession. Someone improves family relationships thanks to regular massage sessions between spouses, improves health and well-being, completely changes their attitude towards their body and health.

Imagine: you want to help your loved one, but most courses require a medical degree.

You want to learn to help only those close to you, and the system creates obstacles, prevents you from becoming useful.

I dream that at least one person in every family would be able to do Thai massage, and with its help could remove clamps and restore the psyche of relatives.

Be healthy!

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1 Comment

Dec 30, 2020

Я неоднократно кардинально менял свою жизнь. В том числе и из-за тайского массажа.

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