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Thai massage room

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Meet, as before - by clothes.

And how favorable the atmosphere is created in the Thai massage room will directly affect the location and mood of the patient.

Not allowed:

⛔️ The presence of personal items in the office such as clothes, food, personal hygiene items, building materials, etc.

⛔️ Foreign odors.

⛔️ Any attributes not related to massage.

It all starts in the hallway. It is important that the patient feel that this is not a hospital, but a space of relaxation where he can take off his shoes, change clothes, sit down and wait in comfort if necessary.

Certificates are recommended to be placed in the hallway, and not in the massage room itself.


The best clothing option for the patient is to sew a kimono in two sizes: large and extra large. They consist of a cotton shirt with a wide neck and sleeves up to the elbows and harem pants with strings.


The state itself is set by color, lighting and decor items.

The color scheme is selected in soothing shades.

It is better to use seasoned, warm, pastel colors. They soothe and relax. Avoid saturated, flashy colors.

It is important that there is no bright ceiling light in front of the patient's eye area. Floor lamps with subdued warm light and candles are well suited.

Decor items: add coziness and functionality using pillows, wicker chairs, wooden chests of drawers, tea tables. Candles, pouches and incense sticks are an integral part of the Thai system that fit well into the space.

The principle of minimalism will not distract the patient from the procedure.


It sets the main function of the cabinet and can delimit the space of the entrance and the procedural part or be in the center, like a pedestal. The common dimensions of the mat are 1.5x2 meters. It can be made of 5-7 cm thick foam or coconut flakes.

For greater comfort, you can use a mat measuring 2x2 m.

A convenient version of the sheets - with elastic bands on the corners that cling to the mat and do not slip off during the session.

Meditational music during the session plunges into relaxation even deeper and helps the master and the patient to tune in.

❌ In an unventilated room, it is not recommended to use aroma sticks, because. over time, this negatively affects the respiratory system of the masseur himself.

✅ Aroma lamps with fresh aromas of essential oils such as lemon, tangerine, mint, lemongrass, lemon balm, orange will safely relax through the olfactory receptor neurons.

During the session, it is recommended to use natural blankets that do not accumulate static electricity.

It is also important to think over and organize a zone where you will drink tea together and communicate after the session.

Did it happen that you were unpleasant to be at the reception of specialists due to the fact that their office did not meet the purpose?

Share your experience!

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