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The main aspect we pay attention

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

“Initially I invented and added all new techniques.

But the more I do, the more depth I see in the traditional approach. " Yuri Ulyanov.

We have been teaching Thai massage since 2008. We teach the traditional style of the Chang Mei school. In our seminars, we pay attention to the subtleties of interaction with the patient.

✔️How to be environmentally friendly with a person;

✔️ how to defend yourself and not be a source of leakage (negativity);

✔️ how not to work automatically;

✔️ how to learn how to relax and breathe correctly;

✔️ how to do a deep massage without effort and how to understand who needs what effort.

The main aspect we pay attention to is the health of the masseur himself, since we can only share what we have.

In addition to the massage technique, we convey the principles of yoga on which Thai massage is based. We also give a general Ayurvedic view, allowing you to choose the right massage rhythm for the patient, depending on his constitution 🔥

At the moment, training at our school is available both in "live" and online format.

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